Is it possible to have a different text on the announcement than the one on the model?
This is by far the most common question. You can have the text on any notification you want! If you need to find out what the announcement actually says, start on the wedding announcement texts page, where everything is explained in detail. You can find some sample texts for convenience in the order form of our e-shop, but they are certainly not the only ones possible.

Send us thumbnails before printing?
We always send previews to check texts and graphic layout. The customer must then carefully check both the texts and the graphic layout. The customer is solely responsible for the accuracy of the texts. Without the consent of the press, the order cannot be handed over to production.

What is personalization / print preparation?
Personalization (or also print preparation) are tasks associated with the preparation of texts and their printing on a printer. This one-time fee applies to all printed materials on which you require us to have the text printed on us.
If you choose, for example, a wedding invitation at the price of CZK 28 / piece and you will not reprint the texts yourself on a home printer, ie. you will not type the texts in the graphics program and set the sheets with pre-printed graphics to the printer (perform printing on a sheet), then we will provide all these works with us at a price of 290 CZK, regardless of the quantity. Another type of printed matter requires additional production work. For example, table invitations must also be prepared for the printer, load sheets, and fit the texts exactly in place.
If you order 15 notifications with reprinted texts, then the price is calculated as follows:
28 CZK / pc x 15 pcs ... 420 CZK
personalization / press preparation ... 290 CZK
total ... 710 CZK
If you order table invitations ...
8 CZK / pc x 15 pcs ... 120 CZK
personalization / print preparation ... 50 CZK
Total for table invitations ... 170 CZK.
But you don't have to count anything. Just add individual items to the cart and the order form calculates everything automatically.

We would like cards with text about gifts, but we do not see them in the menu
Put the invitation card in the basket and, instead of the invitation to the table, enter in the basket the text related to the request for financial gifts. No texts are pre-printed in advance. We always print only the texts that you write in the order, and you can have any text, even in another language.

We did not receive payment details. When is the payment for the order made?
We send the data for payment (in case of choosing payment by bank transfer) only after the order has been approved for printing. This is because customers often change the number of printed matter during proofreading.

We would like more variants of table / party invitations, but we don't know how to do it
Click the "ADD TO CART" button as many times as you need the text variants. Ie. for example, if you have 4 variations of texts, click the button four times.

We need several language versions of the announcement, but we don't see them in the menu
For example, if you need 3 language variations, let's say CZ, SK, EN, then click the "ADD TO CART" button 3 times. The wedding invitation will be inserted 3 times and you will be able to write different texts for each item in the basket (if you order printed matter, including personalization). There is an inexhaustible number of languages. Unfortunately, we can't create text templates for every language in the world. However, you can enter any texts you need in the order. We also print in Russian, Vietnamese, Hungarian, French, Spanish, German (really any!).

Is it possible to make changes to an order already agreed to print?
Additional changes can be made after the thumbnails have been approved only if they have not yet been printed. Send requests for modifications or changes by e-mail, but it is advisable to contact us by phone beforehand, because we receive a large number of messages and sometimes it takes several days to get to your message.



Do you print in another language?
We print in any language. However, we do not engage in translation activities. You have to deliver the lyrics to us. Printing in any language does not mean that any font can be used. With characters specific to CZ and SK, we have around 400 fonts. Western European specialties are contained in approximately 300 fonts. We have 20 fonts with Cyrillic.

Is it possible to send a package to Germany?
Of course. We ship anywhere in Europe, ie. also to Slovakia, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, France ... in short, anywhere. The prices are based on the Czech Post price list. Cash on delivery can be sent only to the Czech Republic and Slovakia, which means that in other cases, payment is possible only by bank transfer (or via Paypal).

How can we find out the status of our order?
In the e-mail that came after sending the order, there is a link to the user section, where you can find out the status of the order. The second option is to write to e-mail

In what format is it appropriate to deliver documents?
Send files in the following formats:

print data: pdf - if you have everything ready for printing
pictures: jpg - if possible without editing

texts: texts are best written directly into the body of the e-mail; they can also be sent in an attachment: txt, odt, doc, pdf, cdr (text in curves) Documents that you send in Word (doc) cannot be used directly - they will only serve as an orientation preview for processing in a graphics program. Do not set fonts in Word. The document appears differently on each computer.
Is it possible to change the catalog publication?
Adjusting the visual appearance of printed matter is usually possible. We make simple changes at no extra charge (for example, changing the color of a vector image). If the modifications would be more time consuming (more than 5 minutes of work), then the price for the modifications ranges from CZK 50 (the hourly graphic rate is CZK 600 / hour).

Will you make me a free graphic design, but if I like it, I'll buy it?
No, we do not do free graphic work (imagine, for example, that you go to an architect to design a house for you, and if you like it, you pay), however, you can request modifications to the design to the point of complete satisfaction. How do we know if we can design graphics as you need? References are used for this. (Printia is a manufacturer, ie a graphics studio and printer, not a reseller.)

How long does it take to print wedding invitations?
This is too vague a question. It is always necessary to specify what type of wedding invitations you will want to have produced by us. Time consuming varies depending on the complexity of production. If you have selected catalog announcements, tell us their code. If you have your own proposal, send it by e-mail for review. A simple card with text can theoretically be produced while you wait, but it also depends on the number of orders in production, because we print in the order in which the individual orders were approved for printing. Standard production times are one to two weeks. If you are in a hurry to print, in many cases you can order an express version (with a surcharge of 380 CZK to the total price), when we will print everything within 48 hours. In this case, we will prefer the order over other orders (for the price of night overtime, from which it is clear that the number of express orders is limited).


Is it possible to order table invitations, menus, name tags and other printed matter?

We supply all required types of printed matter, except for large posters. Of course, printed materials can be in the same style as wedding invitations. It is only necessary to state your requirements in the order, or discuss the details with our graphic designer. Since we do not buy, but are directly manufacturers, we can design and print anything.


Do you send sample notifications?
Yes, we ship. There is a charge for this service. The price for 1 piece of the selected announcement plus CZK 25 shipping costs is calculated together. We do not send samples until we receive payment. The text on the samples is universal. One or two samples can be ordered. If you want to send a sample with your own text, you must pay a prepayment fee in advance.

What is completion and why is the price for notification without completion lower?
If you want to save money, you can compile notifications yourself. Of course, we supply all components. For example, in the case of the SK320 notification, completion involves tying a bow and inserting a text card into a pocket. If you order a full price notification, we will consider a bow and also put the card in our pocket. If you want to reduce the price by the price of these works, just uncheck the item Notifications delivered completed in the order forms. In this case, the price for completion will be deducted immediately from the total price.

Do you automatically supply envelopes for notifications?
Envelopes are not included in the price of the notification, nor do we automatically insert them into the order. In the order forms, you will find the option to select the type of envelopes and enter the number.