We print mainly on special and graphic papers. You can see samples of the paper below. Samples can be viewed in our store (Prague 5 - Smíchov).

Using papers for printing

P1, P5SB and P12MB papers are especially suitable for printing wedding invitations with photographs. The weight is best between 260 and 300 g / m2 (office paper is 80 g / m2 for comparison). Structured papers are more suitable for printed matter where there is only text or drawings with text. Colored papers are mainly intended for combination with light papers. We recommend choosing P1 or P5SB for printing business cards with ordinary color printing. Printing of business cards by thermo-embossing (gold, silver and other metallic colors) is possible on basically any paper with a not too deep structure. The most attractive in combination with metallic colors are special papers, namely black metallic P10BLACK250M, black 1 mm thick paper P10BLACK600 or cotton 1 mm thick white paper. You can view business cards using the listed papers on the business card page. Of course, we can also order plain papers used in common commercial printers (ie coated papers, offset papers) from paper suppliers. However, we do not print on these papers too often, so we do not even keep them in stock. Due to their low price, coated and offset papers are mainly used for printing large costs of leaflets, business cards, books and magazines.

Price and possibility to order papers

If you want to make printed matter yourself on any of the listed papers, you can order the papers from us. The format can be A4 or SRA3 (45 x 32 mm). Price A4 is 12 CZK / pc, price SRA3 24 CZK / pc. Discounts are possible from 200 A4 pieces. The minimum quantity is 20 A4 sheets or 10 SRA3 sheets. Papers are usually delivered from manufacturers in the format 1000 x 700 mm. On request, we can cut papers to any format (see example below). In this case, payment is required in advance. Send the order to Indicate the delivery address, what paper you are interested in, format (A4 / SRA3), number of pieces.