How to order ...
wedding invitations and other printed matter can be ordered online
notification tailored to your individual wishes - by e-mail
print from the finished graphic design from the file-by e-mail

How to order catalog wedding invitations on the web
For each announcement, after clicking on the detail (by clicking on the image of the selected announcement) there is a button "INSERT INTO BASKET", with which you insert the goods, then fill in the texts, add other required printed matter in a similar way and complete the order. If you need, for example, more types of invitations, ie. table invitations, evening party invitations, gift cards, click the "ADD TO CART" button as many times as you need. You can find the total price in the basket.

How to order individual customized wedding invitations
Contact us by e-mail to our e-mail: with a detailed description of your idea of   the form of the announcement and other required printed matter, or attach illustrative images from the Internet. If possible, tell us the number of printed materials required, at least for guidance. Remember that the better the input data, the faster the printout will be to your satisfaction. We will send a price calculation first.


Before you send the documents, make sure that you have ...

prepared illustration images in electronic form
graphics in sufficient resolution (300dpi)
texts in electronic form (just write them in the body of the e-mail, you don't have to attach them in a file)
a detailed description of your idea of   the form of the announcement and other printed materials

How to order a printed graphic design from your file
E-mail print data up to a total size of 5 MB. Send data larger than 5 MB with the service. We will assess the printability and send you a price calculation.


See the FAQ for more information.