Below you can see what the logos embossed in gold look like. We will align the text in the most convenient way possible, always taking into account the overall concept. The school symbol is replaced by your school symbol when the text is typed. We will prepare a graphic design based on many years of experience. The primary task of the graphic is to create a design so that the announcement is tasteful and has an aesthetic impression. The choice of font and typographic adjustments depends on the feeling of the graphic. However, these "small details" have a great influence on the final result.


Why graduation announcement?
Completion of university studies is an exceptional moment in life, which should be announced to your friends and acquaintances in a sufficiently tasteful way. For this purpose, graduates have a promotional announcement printed out. We design and print simple and luxurious graduation announcements. You can order a black and white print on white hard paper or with a gold school emblem. Gold characters are pre-printed; you cannot change their size and location.

Is a template with a golden emblem of your school missing in our offer? Write printia cz at printia and we will then consider whether it would be possible to include a new template with a gold sign in the menu.

If you want to achieve a completely exceptional effect, see if you will find the symbol of your school on the following link. You can then order a promotional announcement with the school's gold emblem for an unbeatable price.

Production time
Simple black and white or color prints by the second day after the approval of the graphic design. Announcement with gold print within a week.

Order notifications according to the pattern
The minimum number is 15 pieces.
Price ... 26 CZK / pc
If the notification template has a school logo, we will automatically use your school logo.
How to order promotional announcements?
If you do not find a suitable sample promotional announcement on the Promotional Announcement e-shop page, then contact us by e-mail. We will prepare a preview according to your requirements.