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PK104 - Invitations

The invitation to the table is printed in the set for the wedding announcement SK104 (the difference is in the "clipping" section). The invitation to the table and / or to the evening party is written on the side "cut". If you only want to inform some people about the wedding, then you will order a wedding announcement SK104 for them, where there is no invitation on the "cut". For those you invite to the table or party, you will then order this invitation (which also includes an announcement). The advantage is that you save on a separate invitation to the table. If you clearly want a separate invitation to the table, this is also possible on request - you can either order it as a universal invitation from our offer or we will produce an invitation in the graphic design of the announcement.

Size: 90 x 50 mm

Price: 0.67 € / Pcs

Price for personalization: 10.74 €

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