Wedding welcome sign
Wedding welcome sign

Wedding welcome sign in kraft paper design. The simple, elegant design without additional graphics allows this product to be used very widely. The font in the style of careless elegance perfectly complements the brown background. The color of the text can only be darker than the color of the paper to make the print sufficiently visible. For this wedding sign, you can buy a whole set of printed matter from us in the same style, from the wedding announcement through invitations to the table to, for example, wedding wine labels. We supply the sign without a solid base and without a stand. As a baseplate, we recommend either hard box cardboard or PVC plate or Plexi glass. At a stationery store or hobby market, you can get a suitable double-sided tape to stick on the board. Select the double-sided tape so that it is suitable for the board material.

Size: 594x420 mm

SKU: SC204

Price: 16.52 € / Pcs

Price for personalization: 2.17 €