Self-adhesive bottle label
Self-adhesive bottle label

Etiquette for a bottle of wedding wine with a motif of theatrical masks as another printed matter in the set for a humorous wedding announcement in the form of an imitation theatrical ticket. The set also includes table invitations in the same graphic design, which are subtly placed on the side "snippet". You can order part of the announcement with ordinary text on the snippet for those who do not invite them to the table and part with an invitation to the table for those invited to the wedding table. You can also put a text about an afternoon or evening party on a "snippet". In addition, of course, you can also get a wedding book, wedding menu, wedding name tags, wedding program, etc. from us.

Size: 75x100mm

SKU: EK104

Price: 0.52 € / Pcs

Price for personalization: 3.91 €