Claret Wedding Invitations with ribbon bow

Indulge yourself in a beautiful, distinctive wedding announcement suitable for the color of a budgunda wedding, or burgundy red! Surprise your wedding guests with this luxurious wedding invitation in a pearly white shade of metallic paper with a shiny pearl pocket embossing and a large burgundy red bow. The inner card with the text is inserted into the pocket of the wedding invitation from above. Also available in other color variants of the ribbon.
We recommend leaving the completion (assembly and tying of the bow) to us. This requires considerable skill.
In the set, you can also choose wedding table invitations, evening party invitations, cards asking for financial donations, wedding name tags, wedding menu, wedding program, wedding meeting schedule, wedding labels, wedding book in the same design, wedding signs and signs for wedding entertainment.

Size: 150 x 150 mm

SKU: SK320v

Price: 1.65 € / Pcs

Price for completion: 0.35 € / Pcs

Price for personalization: 16.52 €

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