Luxury Lace Wedding Invitations
Luxury Lace Wedding Invitations

Luxurious wedding invitations with white lace and high quality satin ribbon in the middle decorated with a large rhinestone brooch. Outer paper is metallic pearl, inner is plain white. A hot melt glue gun is required when ordering without assembly (we do not supply a gun, glue or tape as part of the order). Please order including assembly. This is very demanding manual work that few people can do. Please order including assembly. These are very intricate handmade items that require great skill. In addition to your wedding announcement set, you can also get table invitations, evening party invitations, financial gift request cards, wedding name tags, wedding menu, wedding program, wedding seating chart, wedding labels, wedding book, wedding signs and wedding entertainment signs.

Size: 150 x 150 mm

SKU: SK374

Price: 4.96 € / Pcs

Price for completion: 1.57 € / Pcs

Price for personalization: 16.52 €

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